Head Start Visits – Round Three!

Unfortunately, our third round of winter visits to the Head Start classrooms was cut short by the school closings this month, but we still did get to five classrooms! Those lucky students who did get to host us were in for a terrific hour with our goats. We began the session by reading Flint’s Great Adventure (read it here) which introduces the fact that our goats have come to their classroom for a visit. Of course, we don’t bring the goats inside, but rather bring the kids outside to them. At that point, we play follow-the-leader behind the goat as each ‘friend’ takes a turn leading him through an obstacle course. 

Our other activity for the day was fishing! Our little felt fish, turtles, snails, water snakes and the single river dolphin all have a bit of metal hidden within them, allowing them to be easily picked up by a magnet at the end of our homemade bamboo fishing rods. This game is a test of the coordination and patience of our preschoolers. When we all have had a chance to fish and spend time with our goats, it is time to go back to the classroom and say goodbye until their spring visits to the farm, which are scheduled to start in late April as of now!