Head Start Family Day

For the third year in a row, ThorpeWood has invited the Head Start children and their families out to the farm for an introduction to our animals and property. We love having our brand-new three-year-old friends be able to observe the property for the first time from the comfort of Mom’s arms or while holding hands with Big Brother who has been to the farm many times before today. Our returning four-year-olds get to show off for their families, showing them around to their favorite animals in the barn or taking them around the pond on the other side of the property.

The day started with some general roaming about the farm, horse-brushing, and goat-gazing. After everyone had a bit of time to settle in, we led some exploration tours around the farm, where we discovered our pine trails, pond, and all the little bits of interest along the way. We all ended our tours at the homestead barn, in which “the Grannies of Carroll Vista” put on a puppet show of Rumplestiltskin. 

After this lovely production, everyone came back to the pavilion for lunch. As soon as everyone’s tummies were full, Rick and Missy Grimes started up our Farmall tractor for some wagon rides around the horse and cow pastures. While this was going on, many gathered around our fire ring to roast marshmallows and play on our hay bale pully, which was expertly piloted by Hannah and Dylan Constable. Across the pasture, our hay playground was packed with small people jumping and swinging. 

With about 180 people in attendance, the day was a wonderful success. So many families shared in the fun of the farm, and hopefully, parents and children alike are feeling more ready to come back to the farm soon for the classrooms’ fall visits!