Girl Scout Troop 37101

We love to get kids out on the trail, so it was a great honor to help 9 girl scouts from Troop 37101 earn their hiking/nature walk badge! This opportunity came to us by way of one of our favorite farm helpers, Shannon Fallon! As a member of this troop, Shannon and her mom suggested ThorpeWood to the troop and made the whole event happen!

In pursuit of this badge, we ventured out across the property, hitting many of our favorite spots:

The Circle of Dawn Redwoods, where we learned about the tree’s rare deciduous/conifer identity.

The Bamboo Forest, where we learned about the many uses of bamboo and its excellence in oxygen production.

The Muddy Backwoods Trails, where we identified raccoon and deer tracks in the mud.

The Pond, where we observed the work of beavers.

The Field’s Edge, where we investigated stinging nettles.

The Great Open Field, where the girl scouts attempted to sing some girl scouts songs – but no one knew the words 🙂

The Pine Trails, where we admired gumballs, pinecones, and the work of woodpeckers.

All along the way, we enjoyed each other’s company and the beauty of our surroundings. Thank you to all the girls who made this outing special!