Frederick Children’s Chorus

chorusTWWe hope you all had a wonderful Halloween yesterday.  Halloween is such a fantastic day for kids – all of the planning that goes into those costumes and then the thrill of dressing up and securing copious amounts of sweets!  It is truly a night to remember for children everywhere.

ThorpeWood has a soft spot for children – you all know that.  Many of our programs and activities are enjoyed by the children in our community, and we try to support the sharing of those resources through our annual fundraisers.  We love the energy and enthusiasm children bring to the property.

This past Sunday, the Frederick Children’s Choir came to ThorpeWood for team building and a day of rehearsals for their upcoming concerts at Gettysburg and their Christmas concert.  Their time at ThorpeWood was organized and orchestrated by their leader, Judy Dubose.

(You can see the Frederick Children’s Choir perform at Gettysburg tomorrow, or attend their Christmas concert at the Weinberg Center for the Arts on December 1st.  Visit their website to learn more about their performances.)

What a busy day they had!  From 1 until around 3:30, all members of the choir were here at ThorpeWood, and then smaller groups broke out for rehearsal sessions until after 6 pm.  They had a scavenger hunt which began in the Pavilion; they sang around the piano in the main level of the Lodge; and sang around the electric organ in the Tree Room on the lower level of the Lodge.  ThorpeWood was like a hive of activity, with parents dropping off and then coming back to pick up their kids and many different choral groupings practicing together.  The walls of our Lodge resounded with their splendid sound, and we were thrilled to have been a part of it!