Flat Fandi

This summer, two classes of ‘friends’ from Head Start took five weekly visits to the farm. While everyone on the farm would have loved to see them more often, only one of us took action on that sentiment. That would be our horse, Fandi. Without our knowing it, Fandi sent this letter to both classes:

Hey Friends!
     This is Fandi, from the horse farm. I wrote you this letter because I need your help! I love being on the farm with all my horse and people friends (Mr. Sam, Miss Joy, Miss Katie, and Mr. Scott) but sometimes I want to go on an adventure! But since I’m such a big horse, it’s hard for me to travel places. I want to go to the library, the park, and, most of all, I want to visit your classroom! Do you think horses are allowed inside buildings like your school? No, I didn’t think so either.
     So instead, I’m sending a teeny tiny version of myself to travel around for me! His name is “Flat Fandi” because he’s just like me, but flat like a piece of paper. Will you show him around your classroom? He would love to listen to stories, play legos, and paint pictures! Maybe your teacher can take pictures and send them back to me so I can see what fun you all are having with “Flat Fandi”!
     Thanks for your help, friends! See you on the farm!
                                                             Love, Fandi

Here are some of the pictures we got back from the teachers!



Using their memories and these photos as inspiration, our ‘friends’ created a popcorn story about Flat Fandi’s adventures. A popcorn story is one where each child adds one sentence to the story. The final product starts with real things that Fandi did, then, with the help of some imagination, becomes fiction. Here it is:

“Once upon a time, Flat Fandi was reading a book in the classroom. He was on a chair. He was playing blocks and was doing a great job in the classroom. He went to a magic show with us. Flat Fandi went to the movie theater to see Ninja Turtles! After, Flat Fandi and Cayden went to the park to play farm. Flat Fandi and a bunch of boys played the shark game. Miss Julie and Flat Fandi went for a walk in the woods. Flat Fandi picked up rocks. He ran back to Quinara’s car. He is driving. He crashed and the window broke. Edinelson saves Flat Fandi. Then Flat Fandi came back home to the farm!”

Authors (in order of their contributions): Malcolm, John, Monserrat, Monika, Deyana, Angela, Cayden, Andrew, Miss Julie, Izzy, Quinara, Cesar, Jacob, Edinelson, and Isabella.


While Flat Fandi was originally our little way of bringing the farm to the classroom in order to engage the children and remind them of their farm friends, Flat Fandi is also up for some more travel. If you want Flat Fandi to visit your home or workplace, send an email to [email protected] with your address!