Flat Fandi Goes to Summer Camp!

Many of our Head Start friends are heading to summer camp this week, but unfortunately will not be able to safely come to the farm for programming. To make up for this, we have sent Flat Fandi in our stead. If you don’t know who Flat Fandi is, check out this blog for his introduction! Some of the students will see him in their summer camp classrooms, while others, who will be attending summer camp online, will have the excitement of reuniting with Flat Fandi during home visits by teachers! Here are the letters that accompany Flat Fandi in his envelope:

For the in-person classrooms:

For the children during home visits:

Regardless of where Flat Fandi ends up in his envelope, we are hoping to get a great many photos of his adventures! Stay tuned on the blog for photos of Flat Fandi having fun with all of our Head Start friends!