Feeling Grateful

stonebridgeIn November, our thoughts always turn to gratitude.  It is so nice to see people posting daily about the things they are thankful for and to know that people are feeling grateful at this time of the year.  We certainly feel grateful, here at ThorpeWood.  We are so honored to serve the members of our community – and especially children – through our bountiful resources and fantastic programs, like our Equine Assisted Learning program.

Did you know that ThorpeWood partners with nonprofit groups in our region to serve the needs of their members – members that, very often, are children?  Groups such as the Frederick County YMCA, Frederick County Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Frederick Community College and Frederick County United Way.   During this past summer, nearly 200 individuals experienced ThorpeWood’s wonderful Equine Assisted Learning program. Other groups arrived to use ThorpeWood’s property to create their own experiences on our hiking trails, in our mountain stream, around our pond and on our play field.  Nearly 1000 individuals explored, developed their own experiences and played at ThorpeWood over this past year.

We are so grateful to be in a position to be able to serve our community without charging for their usage and none of this would  be possible without the enormous contribution of  the Merle Thorpe, Jr. Charitable Trust.  We are first and foremost grateful to this 501(c)3  for permitting us to share our very special mountain assets to our community. We have many other  supporters and donors for whom we are also very blessed and to whom our gratitude goes out large.  

Speaking of supporters … please make a special effort to attend this Sunday’s Harvest Fundraiser featuring Ruut in concert with Luke Brindley.  The concert begins at 2pm and ends at 5pm.  Tickets are  $25 at the door.  This is a BYOB event – we will provide glasses and ice – and we will also serve hot chocolate and light snacks.

There is really no place to experience a concert like ThorpeWood …it is a “house concert” with all of the intimacy but space to move about and for the music and voice to permeate.   The afternoon is simply not to be missed.  You can hear some of Ruut’s new offerings by clicking here, and check out Luke Brindley’s music as well by clicking here.  This will be Luke’s first time at ThorpeWood, and we know that you will all make sure to make him feel welcome.

Ruut Promo 2013Ruut is a favorite of ThorpeWood and we have welcomed her many times.  We are so grateful that she has decided to come back, with her friend Luke, and lend her immense talents to our efforts to help ThorpeWood to continue to be a natural resource for the nonprofits of our community.  And we are so grateful to you – our friends – for your continued support.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!