Farm Trunk Update

At the end of February, we sent our farm trunks back into the Head Start classrooms for the kids to interact with. A few of the teachers have been so kind as to send photos of their kids enjoying the trunks.

First up, Miss Joy of the Bernard Brown classroom has been hosting our friend Flat Fandi. It appears from the photos that Flat Fandi is enjoying himself tremendously while playing with legos and staying healthy with his yoga practice!

Meanwhile, over at Miss Ophelia’s Lucas Village classroom, the Bird Trunk is going over well! The kids are experimenting with the binoculars for bird watching, reading Feathers: Not Just for Flying, and doing some fun crafts to make their own feathery friend. We farm folk are so impressed and excited that Miss Ophelia is adding her own spin to the trunk with her fun craft!

We can’t wait to get more photos soon of all our Head Start friends and the farm trunks!