Election Day & Litter Pick Up

If it’s election day, come on down Catoctin Hollow Road to see the ThorpeWood crew hard at work cleaning up litter. That’s right, to us, voting and litter pick up are like peanut butter and jelly – they just go together! We consider them both high-level civic duties. Vote for your local, state, and national representatives. Haul a tire out of a ravine. Doesn’t it just make sense?

We sure think so.

The newly fallen leaves did present some level of challenge as much of the discarded items were surely buried…but we did stumble across a wildly overwhelming old dump pile ripe with hundreds (thousands?) of old bottles and cans. Here, we bonded while rifling through the leaves to uncover layers of trash. We discussed new year’s resolutions, parenting, relationships, work, community, and more. As we’ve known for some time, litter pick up is a mighty fine bonding activity. Would you like to try it with us sometime? Email [email protected]. We’d be delighted to have you!