Earth Day

This year for Earth Day, the ThorpeWood staff headed out to pick up litter! As part of the Adopt-a-Road program, ThorpeWood is responsible for the clean-up of Old Catoctin Road. So, with garbage bags, the farm trunk, and ‘Tank’ the Kabota, we got to work.

Sam, Julie, and Joy began at Route 15, working their way inward toward the mountain, while Jeff and I began at the crossroads of Mink Farm Road and Old Catoctin Road, working outward toward 15. Our teams were in a deep rivalry to see who collected the most trash.

The Results

Sam, Julie, and Joy won the Electronics Division for biggest tv (though Jeff and I found more TVs overall)

Jeff and I won the Tire Division. We rolled, dragged, and threw eleven tires out of the ravine from the mile stretch of road we covered! Sam, Julie, and Joy added another four to that – resulting in a total count of 15 tires. 

We had fun with our Earth Day adventure and are planning another litter clean-up day soon. Please reach out to [email protected] if you’d like to join us next time!