EAL with SpiriTrust Lutheran

The lovely ladies of SpiriTrust Lutheran’s philanthropy department came out last Friday to join us for an equine assisted learning session. As these women work in several SpiriTrust locations coordinating volunteers and donors, they needed this time together to really get to know people in their department who they rarely see. 

During the EAL session, we paired our ever-sweet horses with these gentle ladies and had many giggles and insights along the way. The vice president of this department, Emily Clarke, sent along some of the women’s ‘take-aways’ from the equine assisted learning session:

“You need to learn to speak in a language the listener understands”

“There are several ways to communicate so being very clear on what you are trying to convey is very important. Someone else could perceive things differently. Sometimes there is a need to change the way we communicate and try to direct people.”

“We need to be clear in our instructions, to make sure the person we are giving them to is clear also, and therefore doing what was asked of them.”


We are always so excited to hear that what we all discovered together at the farm has stayed with our participants! We hope to see these enthusiastic ladies again another time!