EAL This Fall

After having canceled and postponed so many EAL sessions and other farm programming, we were delighted to host a few groups for Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) this fall. In October, we saw the directors and supervisors of Potomac Case Management during their two-day retreat at our lodge. Through their work with our very differently-tempered horses, the participants were reminded how to recalibrate their management methods to each case and employee. They also delved into their communication and leadership styles as we experimented with working with the horses ‘at liberty’ and on a lead. The two-hour session was wonderfully fruitful and we received some lovely feedback afterward. 

In November, we had Frederick Memorial Hospital’s forensic nurses for EAL. Even though it was a cold and rainy day, the lovely ladies that came out were ready to get down to business! They had a great time challenging themselves to lead our horses without being too forceful. Being forensic nurses, they knew how to have a gentle touch while still taking charge and getting their mission accomplished. After EAL, they returned to the lodge to warm up around the fire and continue their staff retreat. We so enjoyed have both groups out for EAL – we so missed getting to share this experience with our community!