Day 2: Treasure Hunt

Having explored the day before, our ‘friends’ arrive on the second day well acquainted with all the little beauties and amusements our farm has to offer. One undisclosed source of amusement, however, is saved for today. Inconspicuously situated in one of our upper barns, a hay playground awaits us. image3 (1)So, after grooming the horses and goats, we race up the hill, leaving the teachers far behind. Although our ‘friends’ are out of breath when they arrive at the barn, they find the air to shriek with delight at the hay-filled stalls. Arranged in steps and mountains, the hay entices even our shyest friends to go feral as they leap and climb.

After a good bit of romping, we assemble for a story. Our latest book, Silly Stormur and Goofy Garpur, depicts our two youngest horses as they play dress up with all the clothes on the farm. After we giggle at the absurd pictures of Stormur and Garpur wearing all sorts of horse and people clothing, the last page tells us an unsavory truth: the boys didn’t clean up their mess! Aghast at this no-no, the children are rallied to go on a treasure hunt to find the lost clothing. IMG_3289

Running through the arboretum, we discover gloves, cowboy boots women, saddle pads, lead ropes, horse shoes, chaps and more hidden in trees and under bushes. Our ‘friends’ then adorn themselves with the lost dress-up clothes. With a bit of imagination, the chaps become a superhero cape. The lead rope is a belt. The saddle pad becomes butterfly wings. With these outfits and a good bit of hay in their hair and clothes, our ‘friends’ skip to the bus, fully transformed into farm children.



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