COIPP Picnic 2022

While we farm folk don’t usually bring our animals off the property for programs, we make an exception for the Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership (COIPP). Their back-to-school picnic at Staley Park is always a wonderful event and we are delighted to bring our smaller animals to attend alongside the ~100 other children, parents, and volunteers. This year, Joy (our former barn manager) and I attended alongside Banjo, Mohawk, and Annabelle (our goats) and Ingrid and Barbara (our chickens).

We set up a portable fence a little ways away from the main pavilion and awaited our visitors. It was such fun to receive everyone and share our furry and feathered friends. One girl, who had previously come to our farm as a Head Start student, spent nearly the whole evening with us in the pen. She educated everyone who came through on the rules – be gentle, don’t chase, pet the chickens like this, etc. 

It was a wonderful evening for all. Thanks to the COIPP organizers who invited us! We hope to do some events for this organization on the farm soon!