Coffee Hollow Bridge is Back!

A key element in ThorpeWood’s trail network has long been the bridge that spans the stream which runs through our property. However, a few years back, the bridge found itself dismantled by some errant young teens. Since then, we have been unable to cross over to the lodge  on our hikes without getting our feet wet or traveling far out of the way. However, all of that has changed now! We have finally found the materials and manpower to replace the bridge. 


Earlier this month, our visiting Amish friends and some Virginia Tech students who came to volunteer at the farm banded together under Jeff and Sam’s direction to get everything into place. With ropes strung under the logs at intervals, our crew managed to move the incredibly heavy logs across the stream. 

With the logs in place, the boards were then secured perpendicular to the logs to provide a safe walking platform for us. We are thrilled to have this bridge back up and running! Our trail network is reconnected thanks to the hard work and strength of our fine volunteers!