August Litter Clean Up

We ThorpeWoodians are proud adopters of Catoctin Hollow Road. Every few months, we get together to clean up litter from the road’s edge and the neighboring ravine. This past Wednesday, Lisa Crawson, Theresa Fallon, Sam, Julie, Jeff, and I headed out to the road armed with trash bags.

As per usual, the morning mostly consisted of collecting discarded beer cans and fast-food packaging. However, there are always a few interesting items to keep things lively! My team, which consisted of Jeff, Lisa, and myself, rolled six tires up the bank of the ravine from the stream below. We also found a dumping spot with the decor of a baby’s old room – including shag carpeting and a changing table. Sam, Julie, and Theresa found an old cooler, among other lost treasures. The greatest find of all wasn’t trash at all, but rather a wonderful road-side swimming hole! After I had a swim, we all returned to the barn for ice cream sandwiches.

We plan to do another road clean up at 9am on November 2nd. As this is election day, we thought it was an appropriate day to do our civic duty for our community and nature. If you would like to join us, please email me at [email protected]. See you then!