August ’23 Week 3: ABH, MMS, Road Clean Up, and Our New Intern!

In this third week of August…

August 21st: In our lodge, Middletown Middle School had a 90-person staff training, complete with guest speakers, full group activities, and department meetings. Meanwhile on the farm, Advanced Behavioral Health made wildflower and nontraditional bouquets from all sorts of nature items around the farm. We, of course, also made time for visiting our animals with these youth as well!

August 22: We ThorpeWoodians LOVE road clean-ups! We do quarterly staff outings onto Catoctin Hollow Road to collect all the trash on our beautiful mountain road. If anyone would ever like to join us on one of these adventures, contact Katie at [email protected].

August 24th: Our intern, Casey Chamberlain, started her volunteer service work at the farm! Casey goes to Hood College and is here as part of her social work class. She will be shadowing our program director to learn about the whole program process – from initial partner meetings to curriculum planning to actual program delivery! We are so happy to have her!