August ’23 Week 1: Camp Jamie, Cub Scouts, ABH, and More!

In this first week of August…

August 2nd: Program Director Katie attended another meeting of the 12-to-24 Collaborative’s Youth Council workgroup at Hood College. This opportunity to collaborate with other nonprofit community leaders and build a county-wide youth council from scratch has been so meaningful and fulfilling!

August 3rd: ThorpeWood was delighted to host Frederick Health Hospice’s Camp Jamie Teen Camp Reunion! The youth spent time in our lodge and on the farm, too. These lovely ladies were reunited after their Teen Camp a few months prior. It was lovely to see them be such fast friends and enjoy themselves on this day of healing.

August 5th: We hosted a troop of Cub Scouts for a day of fishing at our pond. There were about 30 folks in attendance, all reeling in our fish! The organizer reported “Fishing was wonderful. We caught soo many fish. One kid was up to 11 catches by the end of the day.  We even got some bass.” We are delighted to share our pond!

August 9: Advanced Behavioral Health brought out 11 youth from their mentoring program to the farm for some nature and animal programming. On our hike, we found an old picture frame and spent time holding the frame up to different sights, create our own beautiful (if temporary) art. We also sent everybody home with as much produce from our garden as they liked!