April ’23 Week 4: Heather Ridge, CASS, Youth in Crisis Forum, Laurel Hall & Hood College

To close out the month of April, we had a few visitors to the farm and we farm folk also made our way to Frederick for some important work!

On the 24th, Heather Ridge High School came out to support our garden! These folks shoveled dirt to our potato trenches, watered potatoes, radishes, spinach, and peas, raked mulch over the walkways, and more. We were delighted to have their support!

On the 26th, FCPS’s CASS coordinators came out for their first-ever visit with students! We split the big group into two parts to keep the numbers manageable. In these small groups, we explored, visited animals, walked the horses, did nature art therapy, and ate lunch in the pavilion. The kids were so tender with our animals – it was heartwarming!

On the 27th, we farm folk headed down into Frederick! Katie attended the Youth in Crisis Forum. This event was hosted by the Data Driven Frederick Center within the George B. Delaplaine School of Business at Hood College. It was co-sponsored by the Ausherman Family Foundation and The Community Foundation of Frederick County, in partnership with the City of Frederick. It was a lovely morning with many friends and program partners to visit with.

Just a few minutes later, Clare and Katie headed across Hood’s campus to watch presentations from our Hood College volunteers! At the conclusion of their 27 hours of service with us, each student presented about their experience. We were lucky enough to be invited to watch a few of these talks! We were delighted to be included.

While we were off galavanting, Laurel Hall School came by to take photos with their photography class. Jeff welcomed them and sent them off to explore and document the farm. And that’s how we closed out April!