2020 Resolutions

The animals on the farm are all excited for 2020 to begin, and so have made some resolutions to make next year the best it can be! Here are some of their plans:


  • Fandi: Be more social. (make eye contact across the field on occasion when standing alone in my corner)
  • Mia: Make it into more event photos!
  • Garpur: Learn to rear more effectively. (make the humans fall off)
  • Snuder: Grow out my tail after the unfortunate cow-ate-my-tail incident of November 2019.


  • Hope: Eat more tails. Lick more people.
  • Effie: Accept more love into my life. (allow the humans to touch me at arm’s length – but only if they have food to give me)


  • Flint: Eat more.
  • Arrow: Become king of the herd.


  • Dezi: Overthrow the humans.
  • Bianca: Figure out where the mealworms are hidden.
  • Ingrid: Steal more yogurt from the humans’ lunches.
  • Dizzy: Make time for me. (take a day off egg laying)


  • June: Be cozier and warmer at all times. Also, kill all the vermin.
  • Tucker: Convince Wally the Beaver to let me groom him.
  • Greta: Aid in the decimation of the groundhog population.


  • Scratch: Up the percentage of time I spend in the arms of humans.
  • Squeak: Become invisible.


  • Wally: Take over ThorpeWood (and then all of Thurmont after that). Employ visiting puppies to aid me as necessary.