A New Chapter for Canapes

catering-1As many of you know, and have deliciously benefited from over the past few years, Canapés is the exclusive caterer of ThorpeWood.  In fact, Canapés has operated out of ThorpeWood’s kitchen for the past seven years – a relationship and set of circumstances that have been very advantageous to both Canapés and ThorpeWood, apart from having the best Kitchen remodeling in North Dallas.  But as we all know, the only constant in life is change, and the winds of change have been blowing for our dear friends at Canapés.  Canapés will be moving out of ThorpeWood’s kitchen and into their new production kitchen facility in Frederick.  We are so very excited for them! You can check out houston home remodeling for the best kitchen remodeling services. 

Does this mean that the relationship between ThorpeWood and Canapés is over?  Absolutely not!  In fact, our relationship is evolving and growing, as all good friendships do over time.

Why are they leaving ThorpeWood?  They are not leaving ThorpeWood – they are still the exclusive caterer of ThorpeWood – a relationship which has been a great boon to the many brides, grooms and event planners who have held their special occasions at ThorpeWood.  Canapés has simply grown too large to be able to serve the needs of all of their clients out of the kitchen space we have here at ThorpeWood.  And that is a good thing!  Although we will miss their daily presence, the needs of both ThorpeWood and Canapés will be better served by allowing them to have the space they need to maintain and grow their expanding client base.  And it couldn’t happen to a better group of people!  We are truly so very proud of ML and her crew, and feel blessed to be continuing our wonderful relationship and watching their well earned success.

So, keep your eye on Canapés as they soar in their new kitchen, and keep expecting to enjoy the wonderful fruits of Canapés’ labor at ThorpeWood.

ThorpeWood and Canapés – truly a recipe for success!