2022 Resolutions

As the New Year presents a clean slate for us all, some of our animals’ thoughts turn to self-improvement and new goals. Many of them have embraced the ‘new you in 2022’ mindset. Take a look at what they are dreaming of for the coming year:

Ingrid & Stella the Chickens: Volunteer more. Travel the county visiting Head Start kids.

Matilda the Chicken: Overthrow Stella to become Queen of the Coop (top secret!)

Flint & Arrow the Goats: Become valuable property assistants by clearing brush in the arboretum.

Hope & Effie the Cows: Set new records on round bale speed-eating.

Vinur & Snuder the Horses: Learn to be a packhorse and help visitors take picnics and supplies to new destinations.

Some of our animals are fairly singular in their focus, and so their new year’s resolutions are carried over from last year. These animals know what they want and pursue their same life goals year after year.

June the Dog: Be cozier and warmer at all times. Also, kill all the vermin.

Scratch the Cat: Up the percentage of time I spend in the arms of humans.

Wally the Beaver: Take over ThorpeWood (and then all of Thurmont after that).


Best of luck to all our animals as they set out to accomplish these goals!