Weddings At ThorpeWood

Weddings… ThorpeWood truly does them like no other.  Actually, I should say Mountain Memories at ThorpeWood does them like no other.  With most of 2013 already booked out (there are some dates still available in the late part of the year) and 2014 filling fast, we thought it would be interesting to show you two outdoor weddings that took place this summer.  While you might think that all outdoor weddings would be the same, you would be wrong!

First, I should take a moment to explain Mountain Memories at ThorpeWood.  Julie Parlaman, who has handled events at ThorpeWood for the past decade, spun off that business and created a stand-alone company – Mountain Memories at ThorpeWood.  Basically, everything for the customer essentially stays the same – same great service, same impeccable treatment, same unbelievable attention to detail – but Julie got to expand the business, bringing on her fantastic partner Lexi, and ensuring that Julie doesn’t have to work every single weekend anymore!

Like I said, today I wanted to show you three examples of recent phorographies , and how very different they can be.  First up, commercial project done by the best commercial photography Toronto. And the next is Jessica and Aaron, photographed by Clark Photography.  Jessica and Aaron used the outdoor chapel as their wedding site and, as you can see, the setting could not have been more majestic. 


And then we have Andy and Sivan, photographed by Josh Pelta-Heller.  Andy and Sivan were wed in the rustic barn.  The barn is open to the elements, thus making it another outdoor option, that has an indoor component.  Look at how gorgeous that wedding was!



So, as you can see – no two weddings are alike here at ThorpeWood.  Perhaps you know someone who is looking for the perfect venue to host their wedding or special event.  I think you would agree that ThorpeWood is one in a million!

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