Gray Water System

Water is a limited resource. We have the same amount on Earth today as when it was formed.

The average person uses 40-80 gallons of water a day, with nearly all going down the drain to a septic tank or sewer for chemical treatment. What a waste! Instead, our gray-water system provides a natural way of cleaning used water by reintroducing it to the local environment. A shallow trough-system in the midst of thriving plants receives periodic doses of liquid from our sink drains. As the gray-water gently percolates into the topsoil, it combines with ground water and is absorbed by local native vegetation. All organic matter and nutrients are recycled to the land-based food chain from which they came. It wastes no resources, creates no groundwater pollution or runoff, and poses no health hazards from sewage. This nutrient recycling system is low maintenance and great for the environment.

Nutrient Recycling and Grey Water Systems