Air Krete Insulation

Many of the floors and walls at ThorpeWood are insulated by a material called Air Krete. Air Krete is an ultralight insulating foam consisting of a patented combination of an inorganic cementitious stabilizer, a microscopic cell generator, a catalyst, and compressed air. In contrast to typical insulation, Air Krete is 100% non-toxic, free of CFC’s and formaldehyde, and free of asbestos and all other fibers known to be carcinogenic. It is odor-free, has a high R-value, loses no R-value over time (i.e. non-shrinking and non-settling), and is fireproof. Air Krete is also rodent resistant, excellent for soundproofing, and is non-hazardous as waste. This type of insulation reduces the amount of energy ThorpeWood needs to heat our building.