Head Start Fall 2021 – Day 2


With all ten classes of Frederick County’s Head Start program making their way out to the farm for field trips, we have been having endless fun here at Stoney Lick Farm! If you haven’t already read about our programs on the first day of farm visits, read all about it here. Here on this post, you’ll find what we’ve been up to on the second day of programs for our Head Start preschoolers.




When the kids arrive on the second day, we start the day by going exploring! For this activity, we break into small groups and head out into the woods. Everyone carries a metal bucket with them to collect their treasures from the trails and fields. We quickly amass a number of pine cones, leaves, sticks, hickory nuts, acorns, and rocks. We sometimes collect more rare treasures like quince, vibrant magnolia seeds, and beaver chewing. After about forty-five minutes of exploration, we head back to the pavilion to start our nature art.

Here at the paper-covered picnic tables, we give the kids paint, but no paint brushes. They must use what they found out in the woods to stamp, paint, and generally decorate the paper. Soon enough, it is time to get washed up and ready for lunch.



After lunch in the pavilion and some time for free play, we gather again for a story. This time, we read Ready for an Egg Hunt (read it here). This wonderful story leads into our egg hunt activity, during which the kids scour the farm for plastic eggs filled with chicken food. When we’ve found them all, we head to the chicken pen and feed the hens our treats. 


After the chickens are done eating, we head over to the hay playground to romp in the hay and swing from ropes. This is certainly a favorite spot on the farm! Finally, we end our day with a wagon ride around the farm before boarding the bus and heading back to school. We then say our goodbyes and look forward to seeing everyone at their classrooms this winter!