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Directions to ThorpeWood from the North (Harrisburg/Gettysburg Areas)

12805 Mink Farm Road • Thurmont, Maryland 21788 • (301) 271-2823 (Cell service may be patchy in the mountains.)

Please follow the directions below to access our property from Harrisburg/Gettysburg:

Take Route 15 South. Continue past all of the Thurmont exits and turn right on Catoctin Hollow Road (just after The Manor Area park). Due to the RT 77 closure, traffic coming down the road can be heavier than normal and some drive too fast. Just take your time at the sharper turns.

At Mink Farm Road, the first road you will come to, turn left.

Then CHOOSE ONE of the following destinations within the ThorpeWood property:

  • To access the Main Lodge at ThorpeWood (for all event guests):
    Continue on Mink Farm Road for 1.1 miles. While on Mink Farm Road, you will cross a small stream and then go up a steep hill, road will level out for a short distance, then there will be a slight uphill section and then the road will begin to descend. At the bottom of this short descent, the road crosses a stream and goes from paved to gravel. After traveling 200 feet on the gravel, you will see a lane on the left, marked by a carved wooden “ThorpeWood” sign.  Turn LEFT into this lane and in 150 feet when the driveway divides, stay to the RIGHT to get the Lodge.
  • To access the Homestead at ThorpeWood:
    Continue on Mink Farm Road for about .8 mile. The lane into the Homestead at ThorpeWood is on the RIGHT, addressed 13002. Look for bright yellow address numbering attached to the trees. The lane comes into view following a short flat section of road and just as you begin to ascend gradually and the road bends. Go down the lane until you pass a large green barn with a white silo on your right. Turn RIGHT at the silo and park with the front of your car toward the barn. The Homestead is the building to the left of the barn and down a short drive. Enter the Homestead from the side of the building.
  • To access the Farm at ThorpeWood:
    Continue on Mink Farm Road for about 1 mile. The lane into The Farm at ThorpeWood is on the RIGHT, opposite a black mailbox on the left, addressed 12805-C. A low to the ground wooden sign, “The Farm at ThorpeWood”, will be on the right at the entrance to the farm lane. The lane/sign comes into view following a fairly long, mostly straight and flat portion of Mink Farm Road and just as you begin to descend a bit. The stables, round pen, and riding track are to your right as you go back the lane, so turn RIGHT at your first opportunity. If you go straight, you end up in a large parking lot (which is also a fine place to park). Continue and park next to the horse trailer.