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December at ThorpeWood’s Lodge

As anyone who has been to ThorpeWood in December knows, there is no place as beautifully decorated for the holidays as ThorpeWood’s lodge. Word has gotten around over the past two decades, it turns out. We had so many non-profits

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New Farm Signs

​Our farm has recently been adorned with a set of beautiful handcrafted signs! These signs can now be seen around the farm to designate three popular wedding areas: the Pine Cathedral, Dawn Redwoods, and Magnolias. These signs, posted atop old

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News from ThorpeWood

The Fall Season is upon us and as usual Mother Nature did not disappoint. Although the picture to your right was taken after peak foliage, the fall colors are still quite vibrant. The season also  brings back our Head Start friends and we

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Weddings, Weddings, Weddings

While Summer has traditionally held the spot as top wedding season, around here, that honor goes to the Fall. With the passing of Labor Day weekend (the widely considered end of Summer) Mountain Memories at ThorpeWood’s busiest season begins. We

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Looking Through Another Lens

The pictures in this blog post are from the Bambeco blog. You know the feeling you get when you overhear someone speaking about you?  Or read an opinion of you that someone else has written and shared?  It is that

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Looking Forward to a Wonderful Year

Are you or someone you know planning a wedding in the coming months? If so, we hope that Mountain Memories at ThorpeWood is on the list for consideration for this important celebration. We still have some prime dates open in

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It’s the start of another year, and our thoughts naturally turn to fortifying our resolve to make this year better than the last.  It’s the natural process of thought as we close-out one year and move onto the next:  an

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“I Wanna Be in Head Start”

We like to use our Facebook page to share information about the goings on at ThorpeWood – from sharing pictures of the weddings we do here, to offering glimpses of nature’s wonder around the property.  And lately, we have been

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Wholistic Women’s Retreat at ThorpeWood

Last Saturday, March 22, ThorpeWood played host to the Be Strong Retreat, hosted by the Wholistic Coaching Coalition here in Frederick.  One of the coaches, Carol Hayes, was also using this retreat to launch her new book “Lost and Found,”

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Bridal Show Success!

We wanted to give you an update on the Baltimore Bridal Experience show which Mountain Memories at ThorpeWood participated in this past weekend.  As you know from our pre-show post, we were very excited to be a part of such

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