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We wanted to give you an update on the Baltimore Bridal Experience show which Mountain Memories at ThorpeWood participated in this past weekend.  As you know from our pre-show post, we were very excited to be a part of such a fantastic event, and believe us, friends – it didn’t disappoint!

 Julie Parlaman, Owner/Director of Mountain Memories at ThorpeWood, and assistant director, Lexi Hartner arrived in Baltimore Saturday afternoon, February 1 to set-up the Mountain Memories at ThorpeWood booth, and to prepare to welcome couples looking for everything from a venue (us!), to florists, photographers, musicians, honeymoon packages and OH SO MUCH MORE!!!  The selection of vendors was amazing, and Julie and Lexi had a great time being in the company of so many wonderful businesses and sharing time with such lovely people.

The weather outside was perfect for those having to travel and many guests were welcomed into the Mountain Memories at ThorpeWood booth over the 10 hour, two-day event. Lexi and Julie had a chance to visit with past clients.  It was great to see them all again!  They also met some guests who had attended a wedding at ThorpeWood and loved it.  Some of the 2014 couples who are already booked stopped by too!  It was exciting to speak with them and see how excited they are for their big day, and what was still left to do! They were checking off their “still to do” list. Julie and Lexi also met with loads of couples just newly engaged, and those who had been engaged for a long time wanting to learn more….all looking for something, all with lots of questions!!

Two raffle prices were offered from the Mountain Memories booth. Any guest interested could put a numbered ticket into the box and one was selected each day. On Saturday, an overnight at ThorpeWood’s Little Pond Cottage was given away. It was fun to see the face of our winner, who was one of twin girls (both getting married this year), who wasn’t about to share the overnight with her sister! The other prize was an 8″ special occasion cake from Canapes and a young, newly engaged dental hygienist won this fun prize!

Each bride had a “Poken” which they scanned at each vendors booth. The vendors Poken was collected at the end of the event on Sunday and all the leads will be gathered and sent to each vendor. When it is all said and done, Mountain Memories at ThorpeWood had over 150 “guests” visit and close to 100 inquiries for Lexi to address!

We hope to schedule a a few tours and bookings in the coming weeks and months. Although 2014 is already looking like it will be a record year for Mountain Memories at ThorpeWood, there were a few visitors still looking for those few open dates on our calendar to fill in! Participating in this wedding show was certainly a kick start to our 2015 wedding season!  Thanks for helping us to spread the word!

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