A Wedding Site Revamp

SC099Weddings.  You all know that ThorpeWood has become one of the area’s top choices for wedding venues.  In fact, Bride’s Choice rated it the award winner for 2013 in Best Wedding Venues in Washington, DC.  While our Lodge is the perfect place to hold a wedding or event, many of our couples come to ThorpeWood for the outdoor wedding options that we have in abundance.  We have many gorgeous outdoor wedding sites to choose from:

  • The Pine Cathedral –  beautiful white pine trees create an arching canopy that is reminiscent of being in Nature’s Cathedral and the ground is covered in a carpet of soft pine needles, as though the path to the altar is naturally rolled out for bride and groom.
  • The Arboretum – a 40 acre space of 9,000 trees, with many fascinating trees such as sequoias, dawn redwoods, atlas cedars, weeping beeches, and 127 varieties of magnolias waiting for brides and grooms to discover a location special and unique to them.  From Spring to Autumn, the Arboretum offers a beautiful palate of colors and textures.  Several areas  more frequently used as ceremony sites are the dawn redwood trees and open areas among the trees to include the base of our daffodil hill.
  • The Pavilion – an outdoor space that also offers a covered option but  gives the bride and groom the safe, “rain free” feeling of being outdoors.
  • The Willow Pond – a gorgeous photographic site alongside the bank of our Willow Pond, with the graceful boughs of 60 foot tall willow trees draping toward the water.
  • The Homestead Barn – a 120 year old rustic bank barn that works well as a primary site for an indoor ceremony or wonderful rain back-up plan.  It provides protection while still allowing for an outdoor feel.   Also guests get an opportunity to experience the property’s beauty in route to the barn.
  • The Horse Pasture and many more yet to be discovered and identified by our brides and grooms to be their special spot – it makes no difference whether or not anyone has ever been married there before.

One of ThorpeWood’s original outdoor ceremony sites is the Stone Bridge – a tranquil spot located alongside a beautiful spring-fed mountain stream, Bussard Branch.  As you can see in this picture, Jamie_Alex_Wedding012it is an idyllic place – the perfect place to exchange vows.  For the past few years, this spot had been dramatically underutilized.  Why?  Because the ground had become too soft in most conditions to support wedding chairs.  We loved the location though and didn’t want to abandon it, so plans were made to do a complete overhaul this September to bring the Stone Bridge site back to its former glory.

It was not an easy task.  Over the course of one week, the wet soil was excavated to make way for 100 tons of various sized gravel, necessary to give firm footing to wedding guests and chairs and to provide good drainage back to the stream.  We used bluestone as a top dressing and then covered that with wood chips.  We are so incredibly pleased with the results and to be able to once again offer this gorgeous site to our brides and grooms.  Several of our Fall weddings this year have already happily happened at the Stone Bridge.  Just take a look at how fantastically it turned out:


 Here is another view, with the seating area included:


We think it turned out fantastically!  Another beautiful place to share your vows, here at ThorpeWood.


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