Month: July 2020

Thank Yous (Vol. IV)

  This spring has been lonesome for us farm folk as we haven’t gotten a chance to see our favorite groups on the farm. Groups like Camp Journey, So What Else, and Head Start usually brighten our spring days oh-so much. So, to heal our hearts during this time, we return to thank you letters Read More »

Summer Camp Farm Worksheets

Since we are unable to have kids out to the farm this summer for programming, we are doing our best to engage them from afar! In addition to our many distance learning videos (which you can find here), we have also created a few farm worksheets to accompany the videos and remind the kids of Read More »

Busy Beavers

Our willow pond is home to an ever-growing family of beavers. The original beaver, Wally, moved in about three years ago and built his lodge up against the base of one of our willow trees. After another beaver, Wilma, moved in, they quickly married and had three babies. This litter still lives with them, and Read More »

Flat Fandi Goes to Summer Camp!

Many of our Head Start friends are heading to summer camp this week, but unfortunately will not be able to safely come to the farm for programming. To make up for this, we have sent Flat Fandi in our stead. If you don’t know who Flat Fandi is, check out this blog for his introduction! Read More »