Month: January 2014

Repeat Visitors

Numerous regional businesses and non-profits benefit from time spent at the Lodge, hosting meetings and retreats, and from having access to our spectacular grounds.  Today, we wanted to focus a bit on one of these repeat visitors, Immersion Active, and find out what has made their time at ThorpeWood so special that it has warranted Read More »

Another Snow Day

This has certainly been a winter for the snow lovers among us!  Yes, even Geysir pictured on the left!  Icelandic horses are used to the cold, so they are in their element. Yet again, a significant amount of snow has fallen on Frederick County and the weather is expected to be frigid today.  What more Read More »

A Visit from the Farrier

As you know, we are blessed to have a herd of Icelandic horses here at ThorpeWood.  We use these horses for our Equine Assisted Learning program.  Today, we thought it would be interesting to give you a glance into one of the many things we do regularly to provide for the care of these wonderful Read More »

Head Start is Headed to ThorpeWood

We are so very excited to share with you the announcement of a fantastic new partnership between ThorpeWood and the Head Start program for Frederick County.  Over the course of 11 weeks, with one week off for Easter, ThorpeWood will welcome over 1,300 youth – ages three and four – to come to ThorpeWood and Read More »

A Drainage Issue that Led to a Beautiful New Space

So often in life, problems or issues arise that demand an immediate solution …and as we set out to tackle the problem with the determination to possess a larger view of the circumstance – the problem begins to look more like a challenge and an opportunity.  This approach so often results in unexpected good, that Read More »

A New Chapter for Canapes

As many of you know, and have deliciously benefited from over the past few years, Canapés is the exclusive caterer of ThorpeWood.  In fact, Canapés has operated out of ThorpeWood’s kitchen for the past seven years – a relationship and set of circumstances that have been very advantageous to both Canapés and ThorpeWood, apart from Read More »