Stormur Goes to School

Stormur found a toy.

 Hi, My name is Stormur. I’m 7 years old. I was born during a storm so Sam named me Stormur. I love to play. I found this stuffed animal toy on the farm to play with.

I went to school for the very first time this September. Sam drove me to school in the trailer.

stormur-and-ravenI met many new friends at school. This is Raven. He was my first friend. We had a lot of fun playing in the pasture and eating the yummy green grass.

stormur-in-classThis is a picture of me, Miss Joy and my teacher in class. Miss Joy is my partner. We learn together. Some of the things were hard to do but Miss Joy and I kept trying until we improved our skills. The teacher said we did very well.

stormur-at-school-with-joy-samMr. Sam came to visit me one day during class. It made me happy and I worked extra hard so he would be proud of me.

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