Good Day, Sirs and Ma’ams,2016_1024_21110800

My name is Garpur. I am a 7 year old gelding (boy horse) here at Stoney Lick Farm. My name means “Hero”.  My coat color is Dark Chestnut which is a reddish brown.

Miss Joy has nicknamed me ‘Curious George’ because I am very curious about life and like to investigate anything new here at Stoney Lick Farm. I also like to be in the middle of the action! I like hanging out at the tack room window (also known as the Drive-In Window). Sometimes I find things at the window to play with or eat, like a magazine or Miss Joy’s lunch.

"I helped Miss Joy open this bag of shavings. The shavings went everywhere, even in my hair!"

“I helped Miss Joy open this bag of shavings. The shavings went everywhere, even in my hair!”


I like to play with my horse friends, especially Stormur, we’re the same age, you know? Here’s a picture of me playing with Snudder and Stormur.  When boy horses play like this it is called gelding games.

Miss Joy and Miss Katie ride me often so I can get exercise. Sometimes I don’t pay attention to my rider because I love looking all around the trail.  I’m learning to pay better attention while my riding buddy and I are out on the trail.

I look forward to you visiting and to watching you enjoy the farm like I do!



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Hi Beautiful Friends!Copy of Thokkidus

My name is Thokkadis! I am a 12 year old mare (female). My coat color is Dun Pink Chestnut. But if you look at my picture you can see I am not pink! The Dun means I have a dark stripe down my back from mane to my tail.  The Pink Chestnut color is light reddish brown.  Also my mane is blonde.

 I like to be the leader of all the horses. I like to be the first in line to eat too. When Miss Joy rides me I can get very energetic but I’m a lot calmer when I am just hanging out in the paddocks. I like to watch all the people come and go here at ThorpeWood.2016_1024_19103800


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Hi friends!

My name is Vinur.vinur-tongue-2 I am a 17 year old gelding (boy horse) Icelandic Horse. My name means friend. My coat color is Pinto, like Stormur and Bylgja (or Billie). I am white and dark brown.

Some of my favorite things to do are eat, hang out with my horse and human friends, get petted and brushed and dance.  This picture has me next to the drive-up window where I sometimes find treats or other things to eat at the window.

I am looking forward to meeting and hanging out with new friends this school year!vinur-tongue-1

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Geysir (Gay-zer)

Hi Kids!

My name is Geysir. geyserI’m a 19 year old gelding (boy horse). I was one of the first horses to come to Stony Lick farms 12 years ago. I was born in Iceland where they have lots of geysers. A geyser is a hole in the ground that shoots out hot water and steam. I was named after the geysers in Iceland. My coat color is silver dapple which is similar to the  color of moving water.

I enjoy all my horse buddies here on the farm but, I am particularly fond of my stall mate, Fandi. I love being brushed when people come visit the farm.  I promise to be very still if you’ll brush me when you visit.



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Snudder (Snoo-der)

Hi Friends!

My name is Snudder but some people call me by the nickname,  Snuddy (Snoo-dee).snudder-1 I am a 21 year old gelding (boy horse). My coat color is chestnut. I’m reddish brown like a chestnut. I have white numbers on my back. These are identification numbers and helped my first owner to be able to tell me apart from other chestnut colored horses on the farm.

I love being around lots of people and enjoy being part of the group.ealkids I like to have pictures taken of me with the friends who come visit Stoney Lick Farm.

There is one thing you need to know about me:TW outdoor school image “Snudder is my name and dancing is my game!” For the last 4 years I have enjoyed dancing with the Head Start kids when they come to visit us. I look forward to dancing with you on the last day of your visit, graduation day. 

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Glampi (Glom-pee)

My name is Glampi, I am a 21 year old gelding (boy glampi-1horse).  My name means gleam, glitter or twinkle. My coat is bright white and I have blue eyes.

I love to roll around upside down in the fields. My gleaming white coat gets really dirty. Miss Joy sometimes calls me muddy piggy when she tries to brush me clean.  I’m looking forward to having you brush me clean when you visit me at Stoney Lick Farm.







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Hrifandi (Hair-fan-dee) or Fandi

Hello. My name is Hrifandi (Hair-fandy). But thefandi humans on Stoney Lick Farm call me Fandi. My name means gentleman. I am a 21 year old gelding (boy horse).  I am very kind and considerate  when I spend time with my horse and people friends. I also enjoy spending time alone.  My coat color is called Blue Dun. But I don’t look blue do I?

I have allergies that make me itch so I sometimes scratch myself on the fences and stalls.  You might see me doing this when you visit me at Stoney Lick Farm.  I hope you will brush me when you come because it feels really good and helps stop my itches.

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Bylgja (Beeg-ya) or Billie

Hi, Friends!bylgja-up-close-1

I am a 21-year-old mare (girl horse) named Bylgja. I am an Icelandic Horse and am originally from the country, Iceland. Bylgia is an Icelandic name that means “Wave”. If you’d like, you can call me by my nickname, “Billie”.

I moved to America and now live at Stoney Lick Farm with 8 other Icelandic Horses. Icelandic Horses come in many different coat colors. My coat color is pinto. A pinto coat color has two colors, white and another color. My other color is dark brown.

I’m also a Mom! My son lives here at Stoney Lick Farm too! We named him Stormur because he was born  right after a BIG storm.

One of my favorite things to do is mutual grooming with my horse friend, Garpur. We can’t reach certain areas on our backs and necks if they itch or need to be cleaned. So we help each other out by scratching and cleaning each other. It just like the saying “If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours!”20160910_084436

I also like to be groomed by my human friends. They brush my coat and mane to keep my clean and looking nice. When you come visit, I hope you will consider grooming me. It feels so good getting my coat brushed. Sometimes, while being brushed I fall asleep standing up!

Hope to see you soon!

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Stormur Goes to School

Hi Friends!  My name is Stormur. I’m one of the 9 Icelandic Hostormur-toyrses here on Stoney Lick farm. I was born after a storm so Mr. Sam named me Stormur. I’m a 7 year old gelding (boy horse). I’ll be all grown up when I’m 8!

The hair on my body is called a coat and an Icelandic Horse’s coat can be one of 55 different colors. Some horses, like me, have two coat colors.  My coloring is called pinto and means white with another color. My other cstormur-and-garpur-plus-toyolor is reddish brown. Sometimes small children think I am a cow because my coloring is similar to a cow’s coloring.

Speaking of cows, I found this stuffed animal toy cow on the farm. My friend Garpur and I played with it and had a great time. Garpur is 7 years old too! We also like to horse play together. Here is a picture of me horse playing with my friends.stormur-and-garpur-plus-toystormur-goes-to-school

I went to school for the very first time this September.  Sam drove me to school in our horse trailer.

I was a little nervous at first because everything was new and different to me. 

I met many new friends at school. This is Raven. He was my first friend. He is an Icelandic Horse too. We had a lot of fun playing in the pasture and eating the yummy green grass.stormur-and-raven

I was at the school for 5 days AND nights. It was fun having sleepovers with my new horse friends at school.

This is a picture of me, and Miss Joy in class. Miss Joy is my partner.stormur-in-class We learn together. Miss Linda, our teacher, is also in the picture. Miss Linda taught us new skills. Some of the skills we learned were hard and confusing at first. But Miss Joy and I kept trying until we improved our skills. Miss Linda said we did very well. That made us happy.

Here is a picture of me about to get a bath after a long class. We worked really hard and it was really hot that day. I was really sweaty from working so hard. The bath was cool and refreshing!stormur-shower

Mr. Sam came to visit us one day during class. We were happy to see him and to show him all the new skills we were learning. It made him proud and happy to see us learn.stormur-at-school-with-joy-sam

I had a great time at my school and couldn’t wait to get back to Stoney Lick farm and tell my friends about it. 

I also can’t wait for your school to come to my farm! See You Soon!

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Race Results 2016

We had a fantastic turnout for our 9th Annual ThorpeWood 10K Trail Run and 5K Trail Walk/Run! Our final count was 200 participants, the most we’ve had in 9 years! We had runners and walkers from all across Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Participants who came the farthest were from Portland, Oregon and Chicago, Illinois! Ages ranges from 3 to 71!


One of the K-9 participants stopping at a water station.

We also had a fair amount of man’s best friends participants.

This year our running bibs included a tear off strip that helped us with scoring. The strip also had space provided for our participants to included why they were running. We really enjoyed reading these as we entered the results. and thought we would share a few with you.

I’m Running Because:

  • exercise20160908_155113
  • it’s a lifestyle
  • #operationpretty
  • I’m Awesome!
  • I still can
  • My Mom made me do it
  • to prove to myself I won’t die!
    One of our volunteers being silly about handing out water to the runners and walkers.

    One of our volunteers being silly about handing out water to the runners and walkers.

  • love the outdoors
  • it’s pretty here
  • ThorpeWood is fantastic!
  • love the YMCA and ThorpwWood
  • wedding today
  • EAL Program

Through the participation of you the runners/walkers and the generosity of our donors we netted $4700 which will go toward offering our EAL and other programs to the YMCA Head Start kids.  So many thanks to you all! 

We would also like to give a special thanks to all our volunteers and sponsors. We appreciate and value the donation of your time and financial resources.

Avery Fair, our top male finisher and youngest male finisher.

Avery Fair, our top male finisher and youngest male finisher.

Mark your calendar for next years 10th Annual Trail Run on Sunday, September 3, 2017. 

The results of the 10K  are posted below.  Thanks again for being a part of it, and we hope to see you back again next year!

PlaceBib #First NameLast NameAgeGenderTime
13336MattFitzgerald M0:53:50.46
17396ChristopherCacciola M0:55:20.35
18359ShaunPeters M0:55:51.29
21348MilaMauro M0:56:29.49
23322ChrisDerpic M0:57:11.96
26324EricEller M0:57:47.33
30306JeffCann M0:58:12.45
31386  63M0:58:22.23
37312ToddCooley M1:00:22.03
45328RobinHaye 42F1:02:27.09
47337    1:02:33.29
51330CatherineForrence F1:05:14.23
55339NicoleHesselink F1:06:56.93
56345MeganKuhns F1:07:10.43
61321HerbertDennison III39M1:09:36.63
77394ElizabethGuertin F1:14:12.51
81403CarolGotte F1:18:22.42
85344MyronKremer  1:22:22.77
88326AnnEveritt F1:25:05.94
90364JackPollard M1:27:41.12
91363LorrainePollard F1:27:42.21
93334JohnGodinet M1:38:17.90


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